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Re: Next version of setup.exe

Just tried it,

as you can see here:

it does strange things in the selection window, I just clicked +Doc
and made a screenshot.

And here:
you can see what happens after a click on the View button.

Another strange thing is that you can't get a "screenshot" of the
Cygwin Setup window (with <Alt>-<Print>). I did a full screenshot and
cut off the rest. I think this behavior is relatatet to the fact that
you can't get the Cygwin Setup to the top of the desktop by clicking
on the tasklist. The window gets the focus, but doesn't come to the top.

 >Please use this, and report any bugs back to us. We know of one with
 >large fonts, that will be rectified shortly, but we want to ensure that
 >no functional bugs exist. All going well this will be the default
 >setup.exe by the end of the week!
(Then I will have serious problems with my cygwin updates)

I know of the large font problem, but changing the font size and the
acceleration settings for the graphicscard changes nothing instead of 
cutting a few pixel from the top of every visible text line.

This system is an ACER Travelmate 600 with Windows 98SE.

I tried setup also on a Windows 2K computer, there everything is ok.


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