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Re: Fonts and rxvt

Pat Gunn wrote:

> Hi, it seems that the cyg non-XF86 program 'rxvt' is misnamed --
> it's too easy to confuse it with the real thing. 

It IS the real thing.  When DISPLAY=:0, it uses MSWin calls to draw 
itself.  When DISPLAY= (or some other X-ish looking thing) it 
uses X11 calls to draw itself --- but you need an Xserver.

> Anyhow, I was
> wondering if anyone has had any success changing the font that it
> uses -- I need to get line-drawing characters working so when
> I telnet to other systems, things display correctly. Any ideas?

a) either use it in X mode with an Xserver, and set TERM=rxvt, or

b) make sure that your CYGWIN variable contains 'codepage:oem' and that 
you are using a font that has the linedraw characters (most windows 
fonts do not -- or they're in the wrong place in the encoding).  Try 
LuconP from

To set fonts (when using rxvt in MSWin mode), use
   -fn "Lucida ConsoleP-11"

Of course, in X11 mode, 

   -fn sabvga

Or whatever your choice of font is.  In X11 mode, the fonts must be 
installed where your local Xserver can find them.


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