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JPL Group

Sorry for the cold email but I appreciate you may normally be bombarded by telephone calls throughout the day.

JPL Group specialise in the placement of SOFTWARE/HARDWARE DSP, EMBEDDED ENGINEERS suitable for
Software/Hardware Houses and Major Electronic Manufacturers.

Innovations in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) have sparked a digital revolution.DSP's are at the centre of modern communications, whilst applications such as internet audio, digital still cameras and digital radio are increasing the appetite for DSP's. With the shift to digital embedded systems design, now in software rather than hardware, demand for skilled Developers is high.

JPL Group can provide high calibre candidates who are experts in their field from our continually updated network of actively looking DSP professionals.

As you can see from our website at we are specialists in our field and therefore understand your industry and your particular sector, therefore we are able to provide staff which best suit your requirements.

We would be pleased to assist you with any current requirements for staff that you may have and should this be the case then please do not hesitate to contact us or forward your vacancy requirements to us via email.

If you are not currently looking to employ any new staff then please keep our details for future reference.


Paul Szczepanski
JPL Group
Telephone: 0870 800 9493
Fax: 0870 800 9495
Take a look at our interactive website at

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