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SOTBOMT Re: dumb question: where is gcc?

[Semi Off Topic But On Meta Topic]

> It's worthwhile to make a check of the email archives too when looking
> for information like this.  It's a far more complete resource than the
> FAQ, albeit more wordy and with some additional noise. ;-)

     Gets me to thinking. . . I see lots of pointers to existing messages 
that supply sought-after information.

     It seems like some archived messages could be designated as answers.  
Does anybody know of a (answer gardenesque?  autoFAQish?) tool for 
organizing and collecting answers?  Automagically, or at least with low 
overhead?  Seems like the kind of thing somebody might already have 
invented. . .*

     The criterion would have to be that it would save more work for 
people on the list than it would create.

*and if they haven't, how about getting MHonArc to recognize some kind
 of flag indicating that a message is an answer (and what question it's
 an answer to)?  It wouldn't be the whole solution, but it'd be better
 than nothing.

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