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SSHD and Computer Browser problems on Win2000

I just spent several days trying to get my sshd to work on Windows 
2000.  It was working fine then one day, for no apparent reason, it would 
not start and time out when I tried to start the service.  Not only that, 
the "Computer Browser" service was also terminating and not started 
either.  The message in the event log was:

   "The Computer Browser service terminated with service-specific error 2550."

I searched the archives but could not find anything that specifically 
addressed this problem.  I did find a couple of messages regarding the 
"Computer Browser" and how that is sometimes linked to sshd problems.  I 
searched Microsoft and found the following article:

   "Service Control Manager Event 7024 (2550)"

Here are excerpts from this article to summarize the problem:

This error is the result of setting MaintainServerList=No in the registry 
while still having the Computer Browser service active.

To avoid this error, do one of the following:
  - Stop the Computer Browser service, using the Services tool in Control 
  - Use the Registry Editor to change the MaintainServerList as described 

Sure enough, when I set the "MaintainServerList" to "Auto", the "Computer 
Browser" service started then the "sshd" service started just fine.  Just 
thought I'd pass this along in case anyone else runs into the same problem.



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