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Re: Avail for test: gdbm-1.8.0-4

Are there any objections if I remove the 'test' designation from 
gdbm-1.8.0-4 and make it 'current'?  Has anybody tested this package? 
I'd especially like a response from the following folks, who have 
previously reported difficulties with gdbm:

Godefroid Chapelle -- gdbm, python
Jeff Lu -- ???
David Cobb -- xemacs

Specifically: verify that the new version "does no harm" -- that is:

   a) previously compiled, dynamically linked programs that use 
cyggdbm.dll continue to work when you replace gdbm-1.8.0-3 with -4. 
WITHOUT recompiling your app.

   b) behavior with the new dll is the same or better than before (no 
runtime misbehavior)

   c) you can easily recompile / relink your app when the new gdbm 
package is installed. (Note: IF you are linking statically, you no 
longer need -DGDBM_STATIC when compiling.  Just link with 'gcc -static')

If you are no longer using gdbm applications (some of these error 
reports were pretty old) then just say that.  Or, if you have previously 
determined that the issue was with external code (XEmacs?) and NOT a 
gdbm problem, let me know that too.

Also (Godefroid) gdbm SHOULD work when the database files are on 
text-mounted drives.  However, gdbm-in-ndbm-emulation-mode will continue 
to NOT work on FAT drives; hardlinks not available there.


Charles Wilson wrote:

> TEST RELEASE.  PLEASE test to see that this DLL doesn't break your
> existing gdbm-dependent applications -- like CVS.  It seems okay
> to me, with my limited tests, but...
> Note that merely updating cyggdbm to this new version will NOT
> magically enable CVS to host repositories on text mounts; nor will
> it magically fix CVS's existing problems with CR/LF. This gdbm
> update may fix the gdbm database files within the CVSROOT repository,
> but CVS itself is still not text/binary clean.  Workin' on it...
> Also, this new DLL is built using auto-import.  It seems to work okay 
> with existing binaries that I've tried -- like cvs.exe (e.g. I've seen 
> no "symbol __foo can't be found in cyggdbm.dll" errors).  If you find an 
> existing binary that worked with the OLD cyggdbm.dll but doesn't work 
> with this new one, let me know immediately.

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