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1.3.4 - touch /etc/abc causes BSOD

I'm using cygwin 1.3.4 on NT 4 SP6a.
I encounter the following problem:
 - telnet  the machine (even telnet localhost)
 - touch /etc/abc -> windows crash with BSOD

It doesn't happen all the time but if I try it for several time it happens.
In the event viewer I receive the following event:
event 4188:
The Compaq System Management Driver has detected that the system encountered
a bugcheck prior to this boot.
The bugcheck data was: STOP: 0x0000000A (0x00000014, 0x00000002, 0x00000000,

I opened a bug with Compaq support, they said it's a software problem, gave
me the following:;en-us;Q130802;EN-US;q165863

to read and told me to approach the software vendor (cygwin) that causes the

Using this Microsoft support articles I  learned that the last number (
0x801372A4) is the address of a driver that causes the crash and I should so
its name in the BSOD screen, the name that appears there is of NTOSKRNL.EXE.

I noticed similar problem reported before, blaming Mcafee antivirus,
I don't use this software although It appears on the registry in my machine
under HKLM/software/mcAfee (it was probably put their by another software)
I didn't find any files or services relating to this antivirus, so I assumes
I just have the registry keys and not the software.

Does anyone has any Idea how to solve this problem ?

Yossi Lagstein

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