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Re: Threaded Cygwin Python Problem (was Re: Creating a local mirror ...)

"Jason Tishler" writes
> Is it just me?  Or, can anyone else reproduce this problem?  I have been
> able to cause the hang on three different machines.  All of them PIIIs
> at 500 or 750 MHz.  Maybe processor speed matters?  Additionally, the
> hang occurs regardless of the NT version: NT 4.0 SP6a, Win2K SP1 or SP2.
> Note that test_threadedtempfile does not hang every time, so I use the
> following to trigger it:
>     i=0
>     while :
>     do
>         ((i=i+1))
>         echo $i
>         ./python.exe -E -tt ./Lib/test/ -l
>         sleep 1
>     done
> I have never seen the above get past 30 iterations -- usually it will
> hang much sooner.

aha .. finally I see

Running your script I experience the hang  FWIW
I also can't seem to get above 30 reps but ...
I do always seem to get above 20 reps so I don't
feel so bad about missing this before.



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