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Re: How can I get Cygwin to see the NT ERRORLEVEL Environment Variable

Thank you Rick - this is most helpful - and exactly as needed.

With kind regards

Jon Belinfante

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  |       To:     Jon Belinfante/London/CWB@CWB,      |
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  |       Subject:     Re: How can I get Cygwin to see the NT ERRORLEVEL|
  |       Environment Variable                                          |

ERRORLEVEL is a variable that is set and maintained by cmd.exe. The Cygwin
(actually bash) equivalent would be the variable $?, e.g.,

some_command param1 param2 ...
if [ $? != 0]
  # The command failed

There are a number of possible variations on this syntax. The equivalent exists
for csh/tcsh, but I don't use any of the csh-like shells, so I don't know the
syntax off the top of my head.

--- Jon Belinfante <> wrote:
> Doing echo $ERRORLEVEL on cygwin returns a blank
> where doing echo %ERRORLEVEL% at a DOS prompt returns 0.
> Has anyone got any ideas

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