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install command bug

Hi, I have the impression that there is a bug in the install command
version 4.1 from fileutils (or in some of the libraries it depends
on). I'm using the current version of cygwin (installed today) with
Windows 2000.

The problem is that an 'install -d' command on a //server/service path
results in the directory being created on the local disk:

$ install -d -v //Yvain/local\ disk/tessaris/DL/camelot/CORBA-FaCT-win/sources/lisp
install: creating directory `//Yvain/local disk/tessaris/DL/camelot/CORBA-FaCT-win/sources/lisp'

$ ls -d //Yvain/local\ disk/tessaris/DL/camelot/CORBA-FaCT-win/sources/lisp
ls: //Yvain/local disk/tessaris/DL/camelot/CORBA-FaCT-win/sources/lisp: No such file or

$ ls -d 'C:\cygwin\Yvain\local disk\tessaris\DL\camelot\CORBA-FaCT-win\sources\lisp'
C:\cygwin\Yvain\local disk\tessaris\DL\camelot\CORBA-FaCT-win\sources\lisp

Am I missing something?

Sergio Tessaris, Research Associate           The university of Manchester
Computer Science Department                Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL
www:               Fax: +44 161 275 6204
e-mail:                      Phone: +44 161 275 6145

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