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Re: /usr/bin/env - Incorrect parsing of #! line? (Peter J. Acklam) writes:

> "Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" <> wrote:
> > Well if env documentation states a particular behavior and that
> > behavior is not what you see, then there is a bug in env or it's
> > documentation.
> What made me believe that "#!/usr/bin/env perl -w" should work was
> the following part of the documentation for env:

I don't understand why you want to use /usr/bin/env under Cygwin.

Not everything that makes sense under *ix makes sense for Cygwin.

Presumably one runs Cygwin because one does not want to run Linux
so that one can have simultaneous single platform access to Win*
things and Gnu things familiar in *ix contexts.

That said, doesn't it then make sense to use a straight Win* build for
perl so that perl can be used in Win* mode?  Granted that -- and
granted the desire to build environment outside of the Perl script
itself -- one may use either a bat file or an sh script, as
appropriate for the calling context, to create the needed environment.

Either way after building the environment use the syntax:
perl {script-name} {script-arg} ... .

                                    -- Bill

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