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Re: unable to locate CYGINTL.DLL dependency

Bob Batey wrote:
> Hi,
> The bug "UNABLE to LOCATE CYGINTL.DLL" (see Jan. 21, 2002 bug report
> from Marino Stramare) still surfaces.  The origin of this bug is when
> one doesn't install gettext (from the contrib).  Now seeing that some

No package should depend (runtime) on gettext. It's most likely a bug if
it does. Read the announcement or search the archives for the right

If you install with setup.exe and it fails to install a dependent
packages then that's a bug too. If you selectively download some
packages and don't observe their dependencies and it ends bitting you
then _don't_ do that, let setup.exe do it for you.

> people might want to make their own CD roms, I expect core dependences
> should NOT depend on contributed packages.  Seems that can be the source
> of this, since I experienced it long after it was reported.

I don't think there's so much into latest/contrib after all you can't
tell them apart using setup.exe. At least this requirement is not
documented at the cygwin package page
( IIRC this was
discussed in the past and thought a good thing so ncurses was moved to
latest because of this, but that cause some problems. So moving packages
around is avoided now.
> As a solution, I wonder if you can put the gettext package in the
> appropriate "latest" directory?  Seems like a reasonable thing to
> do.  And there should be some hint in the vim package directory as
> to this dependency.

Ahh, but there is, and to the right package not gettext 8-)

> thanks,
> Robert Batey     Agilent Technologies    Boise, Idaho

Med venlig hilsen / Kind regards

Hack Kampbjørn

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