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No home directory on fresh setup

A fresh installation of the latest cygwin results in no home directory. One
enters in /usr/bin/<user>. 
I editted passwd to point to it /home/<user> and created the /home/<user>
directory manually. This resulted in a correct login. 
Then CVS however didn't work well anymore in that the administration
database was not updated in case of a modules checkin.

I downloaded the previous cygwin version and made a fresh installation of
this one. It had none of the above problems. After updating this one to the
latest version (so no fresh installation) the problems did not reappear. 

So it seems to me there is a problem with the fresh latest installation

The problem is reproducable on my machine.
I cleaned the registry before each fresh installation (setup).

The following report  <<Mattias Brändström - home directory problems.url>>
seems to be the same.

included are:
1. cygchecklatest: fresh installation of latest cygwin
2. cygcheckprev: fresh installation of previous cygwin
3. cygcheckprev2latest: previous to latest

 <<sygcheckprev>>  <<cygcheckprev2latest>>  <<cygchecklatest>> 
regards, Jan van der Vorst

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