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Re: /usr/bin/env - Incorrect parsing of #! line?

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 09:35:16PM +0100, Peter J. Acklam wrote:
>Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
>>If it works the same way on linux and on cygwin, then there is
>>nothing to fix.
>Ok.  But where is this documented?
>I expected "#!/usr/bin/env perl -w" to work because I thought the
>line would be interpreted as on the command line (shell) and as is
>documented in the manual page for env.  Since the behaviour is
>different when the line is in the shebang line, it has to be
>documented somewhere.

AFAIK, it isn't documented anywhere except in the code.  I don't
know where it would be documented, actually.  This obviously isn't
an issue with /usr/bin/env.

Where did you read about the behavior in "all UNIXes I work on"?  We
should probably document it in a similar place for cygwin.

We'd certainly appreciate a patch to our documentation.  Just send
it to for review.

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