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sshd makeing noisy shells

i have gotten sshd running as a service on a win2k box, with RSA 
authentication. however i have run into two problems.

1) i had to let sshd log itself in on the win2k using my normal user acount 
to that the RSA authentication would work. why is this? is there a more 
elegent work around? (like can i make a special acount for sshd and give 
that acount what ever rights/properties it needs so that sshd can work 
properly with RSA authentication)

2) when i log in from a linux (debian) box all is well and i get access but 
then the strangness begins. what ever command i type the consol beeps, 
though it does complete the command. and if i type ls for example i get
the whole time (along with a beep) instead of the .. and . directories.
so if i do "ls" in a directory with just the file test.txt in it i recieve
fragle@rock$ ls
whats really odd is that everything works fine if i use the ssh client on 
the win2k box and ssh in localy.

valeo genti,

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