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RE: How to create a windows link in script?

> The Windows term for these things is 'shortcut'.  
> Perhaps you want to call your tool mkshortcut?  
> Yeah, it's longer, but it's less ambiguous than 
> mklink.  There's already enough confusion between 
> linking executables from object modules and hard and

> symbolic links in the file system.  Also, since the 
> files created are .lnk files, mklink doesn't
> immediately make one see the connection.  Perhaps 
> mklnk would be more accurate.
> (And I haven't even had a chance to _look_ at the 
> tool itself.

Well, they're called shortcuts...or (in the MS 
documentation I read) "OLE Links". Oops.
"mkshortcut" is a good idea, though, much more to the
point of the app. The name came from a function call 
and .c file in cygwin's setup.exe source. In the 
archive the executable is actually prog.exe--easier to

TAB-complete--because I wasn't sure of the name

I guess you noticed it was version 0.1 anyway...

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