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Re: BUG with 1.3.9 : -mno-cygwin target still depends on cygwin1.dll

Christopher Faylor ( wrote:
> Sorry, but I beg to differ.  1) It's "cygwin" not "cygwin32".  2) You're not
> working on a cygwin port if you are linking with -mno-cygwin.

1 - Sorry for this mistake
2 - I'm working on a cygwin port because i use the cygwin environment
    (shell + autoconf + automake ...) but the resulting dlls don't need
    cygwin unix elulation stuff. And as the doc says, if you don't need
    unix emulation, use -mno-cygwin to get faster programs/libs.
> Assuming that you get this working with -mno-cygwin, you will have produced
> a executable which will be a straight windows program.  It won't understand
> cygwin paths, signals, symbolic links, etc.

I don't need this stuff

> Sounds like you should move over to, then.

It's truely a cygwin problem, i use the cygwin gcc compiler, the cygwin tools
the cygwin whateveryoulike but it doesn't do what it is expected to do.
ie a cygwin1.dll independant lib.

I was making a bug report so please don't flame me without good arguments.


Edouard Gomez

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