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BUG with 1.3.9 : -mno-cygwin target still depends on cygwin1.dll


I'm currently working on a cygwin32 port of DevIL ( I get strange results when trying to compile the libs with -mno-cygwin (we prefer to not depend on cygwin unix emulation as we don't need it, we just use standard C functions)

The problem is that i get dlls that still depend on cygwin1.dll ! but the compilation is done with -mno-cygwin flag.

You have the entire libILU.dll compilation process in attachment (and the cygcheck output).

And there, you have the cygwin1.dll import symbols :

100134b0 I ___libs_libimp_cygIL_0_a_iname
1000fba8 T __alloca
1001166c B __bss_end__
10011000 B __bss_start__
1000fd5c T __cygwin_crt0_common@8
1000fbfc T __cygwin_dll_entry@12
1000fcac T __cygwin_noncygwin_dll_entry@12
10010194 D __data_end__
10010000 D __data_start__
00000001 A __dll__
10001000 T __end__
00000200 A __file_alignment__
10011638 B __fmode
10013000 I __head__libs_libimp_cygIL_0_a
10013014 I __head_cygwin1_dll
1001318c I __imp__atan
10013190 I __imp__calloc
10013194 I __imp__ceil
10013198 I __imp__cygwin_detach_dll
1001319c I __imp__cygwin_internal
100131a0 I __imp__dll_dllcrt0
100131a4 I __imp__floor
100131a8 I __imp__free
100131ac I __imp__malloc
100131b0 I __imp__memcpy
100131b4 I __imp__pow
100131b8 I __imp__rand
100131bc I __imp__realloc
10011630 B __impure_ptr

Is this cygwin version known to be buggy with -mno-cygwin targets ?

Edouard Gomez

NB : if you want to test yourself, use the cvs, because latest *official* release doesn't have cygwin support at all.

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