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RE: Updating the DLL build instructions

If you will use a piece of code as an "example" for your DLL building
docs, I have a suggestion: use tftp...

I'd like to obtain TFTP code in the form of a .DLL instead of an .EXE. I
need to ultimately give it COM interfaces for use from within Visual
Basic 6. It's already part of inetutils, and there aren't a lot of
files, so I'm assuming it would be pretty straightforward.

Perhaps you could even take this the extra step of building the COM
interfaces; I suspect other folks would benefit from this.


-----Original Message-----
From: Charles Wilson []
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 4:58 PM

If you are talking about generic "How do I build a DLL using cygwin 
tools" - I think I volunteered for that at some point in the past, but I

haven't had a chance to get round 'tuit.  If somebody else beats me to 
it, that would be great -- they could even use some of the documentation

and examples from dllhelpers (0.4.0 for the lastest spiffy features, 
0.2.6 for the "old-style" __declspec() stuff: both techniques need to be


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