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Problem with ~

> > I've installed the latest version of Cygiwn (1.3.9) last friday
> > (15-Feb-02) and my environment no longer works as it did before.
> > (the last time I downloaded was 13-Nov-01 Cygwin
> >
> > Specifically the ~ behaviour is "broken".
> >
> > my .tchsrc contains the line:
> > source ~$user/.alias
> > This no longer works for some reason.
> >
> > cd ~ gives me
> > ~: No such file or directory.
> >
> > $HOME is set and /home is mounted correctly.
> >
> > The behaviour I expect is that
> > cd ~$user will take me to /home/user
> > and
> > cd ~ will take me to $HOME.
I can confirm this doesn't work for me either. The problem is with tcsh; I'm
using the version below:
tcsh 6.11.00 (Astron) 2001-09-02 (i386-intel-posix) options
tcsh.exe crashes if I try to run it with strace (!). I've attached the trace
I get to help diagnosis. I tried various different ways to coax tcsh to
trace correctly, but none of them worked.
Name completion does work however. If I type 'ls ~/' and then press Tab it
will show me a list of files in my home directory. If I select a file or
directory, then I still get the error "No such file or directory".


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