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Re: Can't obtain write permissions on my file...

> Last I checked emacs was not part of the cygwin
> distribution, so we
> should find out which emacs you're using. Start with
> something simpler.
> Try to find out if it's a cygwin issue, a emacs
> thing or a combination.

Thanks that's a good idea.
> $ touch testing
> $ echo "Testing write access with echo #1"> testing

That works. I can modify the file.
Tried the echo >> file too, and that worked. 
=> So I can write over my file...

Could it be that emacs is not launched under the
correct user id ? (ie. emacs would not have the same
rights as I).

I tried the ps command : 
> ps
      PID    PPID    PGID     WINPID  TTY  UID   
      476       1     476        476  con  500
13:30:18 /usr/bin/bash
     1268     476    1268       1356  con  500
13:31:05 /usr/bin/tcsh
      864    1268     864        864  con  500
13:31:13 /cygdrive/c/softs/emacs-
      976    1268     976        292  con  500
16:14:30 /usr/bin/ps

And by the way, my emacs is version 20.7 (for

I'm really stuck. Because I'm not sure this is an
Emacs problem, or a CVS problem, or a Cygwin config.


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