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cron 3.0.1-5: Win98, cron/tabs/'user' crontabs not touched

I have cron running on a Win98 machine under cygwin 1.3.9.  On the whole,
it's working pretty well with the exception that new crontabs placed in the
/var/cron/tabs folder (by crontab) do not seem to have their modification
times touched so cron doesn't recognize changes in them and run the new

I read Corinna's instructions for WinNT/2K systems regarding the group file
needing SYSTEM with group ID 18.  I found a man entry for group on a unix
system and tried following the syntax it described.  I'm not absolutely sure
I had the syntax correct, but it didn't seem to resolve the issue.  Here's
the entire content of my group file: 
I also tried adding specific users in a comma separated list after the
colon, but that didn't seem to help either.

Thanks for any help or suggestions you can provide.

Connor J. Flynn		
MS K9-24
Battelle NW, PNNL	509-375-2041
PO Box 999		fax-271-0030
Richland WA 99352	lab-372-4710

No brains, no headaches...

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