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RE: gdb in xfree86: ^C

Hi Pierre,

It's been a long time since my last use of an xterm,
but I remember that you can popup a menu with
Ctrl/MB1 to send interrupt and a few other signals.
Or perhaps an explicit kill command from another shell?

Bye, Heribert (

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Pierre Muller []
> Sent:	Thursday, February 14, 2002 18:28
> To:
> Subject:	Re: gdb in xfree86: ^C
> At 21:04 11/02/2002 , David a écrit:
> >Hello,
> >
> >I am running xfree86 on top of cygwin on a WindowsNT. I compile
> >a short program ( included below with make file ) and run it
> >in gdb:
> >
> >         gdb -nowindows mtest0_bin.exe
> >         run
> Strange I get completely different results.
> (I compiled your example code)
> First, I can easily interrupt the program if I start gdb from a Cygwin
> bash window
> outside the Xserver, does this work also for you?
> Why don't you use this possibilty?
> If I try to use gdb inside xterm, then Ctrl-C simply does not work,
> it has no effect... (But this seems quite general for me...
> I can't interrupt anything with Ctrl-C) Ctrl-Break works correctly 
> for normal applications in a cygwin shell, but here it is also without any
> effect...
	[Heribert]  [snip]
> Pierre Muller
> Institut Charles Sadron
> 6,rue Boussingault
> F 67083 STRASBOURG CEDEX (France)
> Phone : (33)-3-88-41-40-07  Fax : (33)-3-88-41-40-99

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