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Compiling of xinetd under cygwin (contrib)

Hello all,

I am trying to build xinetd 2.3.3 so it could be possible to use it under cygwin as it is a more secure inetd replacement.
After succesfully building and configuring it I encountered errors which I am not able to debug myself. I have also searched cygwin mailing list which did not bring any success.

Each time xinetd starts a service in background with fork() the child closes with 'Segmentation fault'. None of the child code seems to be run. Could anyone help me to trace the origin of the error?

Here is a patch to standard xinetd-2.3.3 that will allow it to compile on cygwin.
(to apply this patch use "patch -p1 <file" inside of xinetd-2.3.3 directory; you will need to run autoconf after applying the patch. Configuration script with some options for cygwin I run is xinetd.configure)

Here is a configuration of telnet service that I have used:
service telnet
        flags                   = REUSE
        socket_type             = stream
        wait                    = no
        user                    = root
        server                  = /usr/sbin/in.telnetd.exe
        bind                    =
        log_on_failure += USERID

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