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Problem compiling a multicast program

Hello everybody!

I tried to compile a program which uses setsockopt(... IP_MULTICAST_LOOP ...).
Works fine with Linux and AIX.
Compilation on Win32 works, but if running I get a error from this line -
address invalid.

Seeing that there are several include files having IP_MULTICAST_LOOP
defined and that I am using the old #defines I follow the suggestions found
in the .h and use 
	#include <w32api/ws2tcpip.h>
But since I need some other things as well I also try
	#include <cygwin/socket.h>

But from then on I have problems compiling, ie that gcc says "timerclear
redefined" (in sys/time.h & w32api/winsock2.h) and several others.

In the FAQ only the reverse way is described - using native Winsock. But I
need as much UNIX compatibility as possible.

So - to summarise - I think I need winsock2. Only winsock2.h is not enough.
What is the correct way to do that?
Which files MAY I include and in which order?

Thanks for all help.



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