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Re: anybody else also infected

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 10:54:43AM -0500, Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) wrote:
>>My opinion is that common-sense practices don't belong in the FAQ.
>I have to say I agree.  However, common sense seems to be loosely
>interpreted on this list.  I guess the question is how much of a
>substitute for common sense should the FAQ be?  ;-)
>For those that need the added support, I think the altered wording that
>David suggests (i.e.  don't bother the list with virus alerts if you
>can't confirm them yourself) is worthwhile, considering that we already
>have a couple of virus entries.  Of course, I have no delusions that
>having FAQ entries or changed wording will eliminate virus postings to
>this list.  I personally would just like to be able to point to the
>entry in response and have that end the thread.  OK, I know, I'm still
>living close to my utopia.  ;-)

Ok.  You don't live that far from me.  I'll drive over and visit your utopia
for a while.  :-)

I agree that some additional words like that will at least give us the
satisfaction of saying "Did you read the FAQ?" when they are inevitably

That's the best we can hope for here, I think.

FWIW, I've now gotten two internal-to-redhat queries about this "problem".

Thank you, Mr. Norton!


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