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Re: anybody else also infected

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 09:35:33AM -0500, Peter Buckley wrote:
>I don't think that faq would have avoided or truncated this thread.  It
>seems related, but it is in fact different.
>If someone followed the instructions in the faq, they would have had a
>false positive reported on cygz.dll.  Whenever the cygz.dll file was
>called (say, by invoking cygcheck), the real-time scanning of NAV
>popped up with "cygz.dll is infected with backdoor.egghead, and has
>been quarantined".

Yes, but the original message that started this long thread actually had
an assurance from Symantec indicating that the DLL *was not infected*.

I would have thought that would have been enough to convince people that
this was just a false positive.  But, instead, we have a 14 (and
growing) message thread.

>Maybe an addition to that faq needs to be made, that some antivirus
>programs (specifically symantec) have had false positives on cygwin

This is a fact of life.  It's not a cygwin-specific issue.


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