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Re: anybody else also infected

On Thursday 14 Feb 02, Peter Buckley writes:
> I agree about the healthy skepticism- this was obviously a false 
> positive from the very start, but I don't think the faq addresses this 
> type of false positive.

Addressing virus alerts in the FAQ has always been a dilemma for me.
I do not like to give the advice "disable your antivirus software" or
"turn off checking for C:\cygwin".  It seems to me that such action
could be exploited.

Should the FAQ say something like "do not bother the list with virus
alerts unless you have independently verified that it is not a false
positive"?  This would apply to all Cygwin software, package archives,
DLLs, ...

There was a special problem with Cygwin Setup because NAI/McAfee would
hang the system when opening tar.gz archives.  Maybe this is not a
problem anymore, and can be removed from the FAQ.  Or the advice could
be simplified to be "update your antivirus software or replace it with
another vendor's product".  Of course not everyone can do that, but
that's not our problem.

Thanks for your opinions.

(Cygwin FAQ maintainer)

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