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[BUG] Patch.exe problem report

I already mentioned the following bug some time ago,
but I now took the time to identify the problem.

   The problem appears if you are using patch to
apply a patch on a binary mounted device 
while your patch uses a temporary directory that is located on 
a text mounted dir.

The temprary file is that created as
/temp/dir/  poXXXXX
where the XXX are replaced by a number.
But the file is opened without O_BINARY flag.

After the patch is applied, the patch code tries to move the file,
which fails with EXDEV err, which seems OK as they are on different partition,
but after that the use copy_file function,
which does copy the file using O_BINARY file.

   This results in a unix mode source file on which you apply 
a unix mode patch, will be written as text in the temporary directory, and thus
in Dos mode with CR/LF, and finally copied back to the binary mounted

   I hope that my explanation of the problem is clear enough.

It seems to be a consequence of the apparently innocent assumption
that on a given OS, a copy of a text file from one dir to another dir can be done
using O_BINARY. But this assumption is false for cygwin.

I didn't really find a good solution to this problem yet...

Pierre Muller
Institut Charles Sadron
6,rue Boussingault
Phone : (33)-3-88-41-40-07  Fax : (33)-3-88-41-40-99

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