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Re: Lego IR tower USB driver vs. Cygwin

On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 08:26:49PM +1100, Graham Menhennitt wrote:
> The download program attempts to open a device named \\.\legotower1. This 
> works via the standard Win32 call CreateFile(). However, under Cygwin, the 
> effect is quite strange. When you try to open the device using:
> 	open("\\\\.\\legotower1, O_RDWR)
> the machine hangs for a considerable period (~30 seconds). In this time, 
> the machine is essentially dead - the mouse cursor moves but the cursor in 
> [...]
> I've tried debugging it to see the exact parameters that open() eventually 
> uses when it internally calls CreateFIle() - so far no success.

Sounds as if Cygwin tries to access a network drive for some
reason...  unfortunately devices and SMB paths are both using
leading double backslashes so there's room for misinterpretation.

If you run your app under strace you can probably find a line
where suddenly the timestamp jumps to a very big value.  That's
a good starting point for further debugging with gdb.


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