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Re: how to create a new user

| I have the latest greatest Cygwin possible (don't have
| version numbers in front of me at the moment), but mkpasswd -u <user>
| means "make a password entry just for the given user"
OK, thanks for pointing that out.  Although I think that other then the
amount of time required to fetch a given user password entry, there's no
difference between `mkpasswd -u username` and `mkpasswd -d | grep username`.
(With exception of the comma).

| > We are doing pretty much the same things (in creating a user), but
| > I get permission denied after entering the password (during an ssh
| > attempt).  You don't have this problem ?  Can you think of anything
| > that might be responsible for this ?
| /usr/doc/Cygwin/openssh-***.README solved all of my problems when I
| actually read and followed the direction given therein.
I think that sshd is setup correctly - I am able to ssh into the windows
machine (running cygwin/sshd) with another account.  The problem is that
billy can't log in using password authentication.

PasswordAuthentication is set to 'yes'.

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