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Re: XP/g77 ``Couldn't duplicate my handle...''

I solved my own problem...

I never did figure out what was causing it, but I completely reinstalled
cygwin from the beginning (rather than `upgrading' my win2k installation).

It now works like a champ.


I have recently installed cygwin under windows XP and have been unable to
use the g77 compiler.  I get an error like ``g77 816 proc_subproc:
Couldn't duplicate my handle<0x7E0> for PID 288, Win32 error 6.''

I get this same result with or without make.

With make, I also get a pop-up box entitled ``16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem''
with the message ``Cygwin The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal
instruction. CS:062b IP:017f OP63 74 20 44 4f...''

It's not at all obvious to me why NTVDM is being started by cygwin.

I had previously been running g77 under cygwin with windows 2000 with no

I saved all my customized configuration files for the XP installation,
but all the binaries are the latest.

Thanks in advance

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