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Re: RCS 5.7 (?) + setup.exe advice

Ah, I get it now, I had a full installation of an older version of cygwin
and of course when I ran the setup program to update it doesn't
automatically tell you about new packages, one of which was rcs.  It isn't
obvious to the average user (ie. me) to have to step through the rather
large package list looking for "skip"s to click through to install - I had
already done that once and that was one time too many.  Hence the

A "show new packages" and a "show un-installed packages" addition to
setup.exe might be a good (and simple/ie. easy to program) addition to the
user-interface and probably solve the flurry of this kind of e-mail that
gets sent every day. If I had enough time I'd do it however I just don't
unfortunately so all I can do is lay my hope in some kind soul out there...

Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: RCS 5.7 (?)

> On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 11:46:43AM +0900, Dylan Cuthbert wrote:
> >Weird - I notice that RCS 5.7 is in the setup package listing.  Is this
> >really the case?
> Of course.
> >I have the full installation of cygwin 1.39 but the standard rcs
> >command set (rcs/rdiff etc) doesn't seem to exist?
> Cygwin 1.3.9 is the DLL version number.  It has no bearing on RCS.  If
> you don't have RCS on your system, you need to run setup.exe again and
> select it for installation.  It doesn't happen automatically.
> I've redirected this query to  Please confine
> responses to that mailing list.  This doesn't belong on cygwin-patches.
> cgf
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