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Re: cygrunsrv does not start sshd in 1 out of 40 installs

> I did follow this discussion, but this one is totally unrelated as the
> startup fails every time using cygrunsrv and works ok every time using
> invoker AND because sshd even never gets started.

sshd never gets started, or never executes?  IIRC "service starts" means
that it does something magic within 30 seconds of getting executed;
otherwise it gets registered as failed to start.  That doesn't mean the
program didn't run.  As for invoker, I do not know what it does -- it
could run just enough slower that the other service has a chance to

You may of course be completely right, the problem could be elsewhere. 
Just make sure that's the case -- don't dismiss the possibility without

I probably can't help you much more as I haven't had this type of
service start-up problem, only permission issues that were fairly
trivial to solve.  Try checking the multitude of permission-related
issues people have solved and reported previously on this list.

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.
	--Malcolm Muggeridge

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