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Problem with menu configuration in Cygwin

Dear lists,

I send this to and because I think
it is necessary for both to know the problem I have.

I have isolated my problem to the following code :

use strict;
use warnings;

use Tk;

my $main;
my $menu;

$main   = MainWindow->new;
$menu   = $main->Menu(-type => 'menubar');

$main->configure(-menu => $menu);
$menu->command(-label => 'File', -state => 'disabled');


Platforms :
- Cygwin 1.3.9 + Cygwin Perl (5.6.1) + Tk800.23 + Windows NT patch 6
- Debian Linux testing + Perl 5.6.1 + Tk800.23

When I run this code on Linux, it does what it is supposed to do : the
menu button should be greyed out. When I run this code under Cygwin
however, the button is disabled in the sense that it does not popup a
menu or execute a command, but the only states that it can enter are
'normal' and 'active'. It seems impossible to change the attributes of
the menu item.

I can get it working via the old way, Menubuttons in a frame can be
manipulated at will, but Menubuttons or menu entries in a Menu do not
seem to change their attributes (their behaviour is allright).

Since I have two possibilities to get this to work, this is not really a
blocking factor, but it takes some more work to build my system the old
way and manipulate using pack.


Jurgen Defurne

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