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Re: cygrunsrv does not start sshd in 1 out of 40 installs

I specifically remember someone mentioning the "Browser" service

Good Luck!

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, Lassi A. Tuura wrote:

> This could be due to service start-up delays.  There was discussion on
> this in last October or thereabouts: exactly what other services sshd
> should depend on to start reliably.  IIRC there were different solutions
> for different conditions and no universal solution; the failures were
> caused by TCP/IP or some related part had not properly started yet at
> the time sshd was attempting to start.
> Search the mail archive for more details.  Look into your event logs to
> see if there are differences in the service startup order, especially on
> the failing machines.
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