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Cygwin 1.3.9 resource problem?


I recently upgraded from cygwin 1.3.2 to
cygwin 1.3.9.  Now my ./configure commands
fail for several of my projects almost every
time.  It seems to be a resource problem.
I've run these configure scripts since B20
with no problem, so it is evidently something
that has changed since cygwin 1.3.2.

I run them on a Win98 SR2 system with the fully
cygwin install by executing ./configure in
a rxvt shell running bash. The system has
4Gb free disk space, 256K RAM, and a 400MHz

The problem seems to be cygwin specific from the
stand point that I cannot launch a new rxvt session
after the ./configure fails because it puts up a
dialog box saying there is not sufficient memory.
On the other hand, other programs such as Word
still execute with no problems.

I attach a screen dump of the rxvt Window running
the a configure ofSQLite showing the problem
near the bottom of the image.

I am not subscribed to this email list so if
you wish to contact me, you must explicitly
include my email address.

Best regards,

Kern Sibbald  

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