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Re: Updated: postgresql-7.2-2


Please keep your replies on-list...

On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 08:59:08AM -0500, Heitzso wrote:
> I just upgraded cygwin, which I do on a regular basis,
> and picked up the new postgresql.  Some glitches ...
> 	no automated version upgrade of db is provided
> 	not certain this is a big deal, 
> 	cygwin is supposed to be used by developers
> 	I didn't have anything crucial stored in the
> 	db, it's used as a cacheing mechanism on my development
> 	system for a distributed database project with Census.
> 	Anyway, figured simple initdb followed by a createdb
> 	would suffice ...

If would like to contribute this, then I will add it to my next release.

> 	createdb breaks with an "unable to locate dll"
> 	cygreadline5.dll could not be found, etc.
> 	I've searched my drive and cannot find cygreadline5.dll

Search the mailing list for the solution to the above.  Your problem is
*not* caused by upgrading to postgresql-7.2-2.

> 	[[ uh oh, read my mail and note the WARNING WARNING ]]
> 	your warning notes that cygwin must be CVS snapshot ..
> 	I find this awkward, if it requires a cvs snapshot then
> 	perhaps postgres should not have been released via
> 	primary upgrade mechanism ... ?? i.e. I use the cygwin
> 	install tool several times a week but I've never bothered
> 	to pull down cvs snapshots ...

Sigh...  You can never please everyone.  I almost held off releasing
postgresql-7.2-2, but I didn't want to wait an unknown amount of time
for the next Cygwin release.  I guess that I could have marked the
release "test".

> 	I downgraded postgresql via cygwin install tool
> 	and reinit'ed my db with initdb and tried
> 	to rerun createdb and got the same error message
> 	re cygreadline5.dll.

See above.

> 	BTW, I've got every package except rcs from cygwin
> 	(via cygwin install tool) 
> 	loaded on this box so cygreadline5 is a mystery.

See above.

> Net is I'm left with a non-functioning postgresql even after
> downgrading to prior release.  Ouch.

See above.

> Don't know if you could pressure cygwin group to release
> a new cygwin that provided cygreadline5.dll and anything
> else required by the latest/greatest postgresql?

No, I would not "pressure" anyone.  You *do* realize that people
contribute their time and packages.  Right?

Did I say, "see above?"

> Anyway, if more than a few folks are using this you could
> have a minor SNAFU on your hands.

Gee thanks.  It's email such as this one sent privately, that make me
want to de-contribute packages.  Sigh...


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