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Win32::API perl module

I have ported the Win32::API perl module to Cygwin (or more properly,
to GCC, since it was mainly the Intel-style _asm{} code that didn't
work).  So far, I have not tested it extensively, and am still trying
to track down the original author of the module to get his blessing.
Meanwhile, if people would like to test this module, my changed
version can be downloaded from , or (if is being
flaky, which it seems to be at the moment.).

I didn't know any DLL calls that used single-precision floating point
arguments or return values, so that part of the code is untested.  If
someone can please test this out, I would appreciate it.  It would
also be good if someone could test it under MSVC++ and the non-cygwin
version of perl to make sure I haven't messed that code up at all.

Also note that for me, I had to patch
/usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/cygwin/CORE/perl.h to make this work.  The (tiny)
patch for this file is include in my tarball.  I suspect that this may
not be necessary for more recent versions of Cygwin.

- Dan Risacher

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