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Re: "Best" way to build a DLL?

>   Warning: resolving __Py_NoneStruct by linking to \
>   __imp___Py_NoneStruct (auto-import)
>   Warning: resolving _PyInt_Type by linking to \
>   __imp__PyInt_Type (auto-import)

I poked around a bit and found out that those "Warnings"
were actually indicating that global variables were being
linked by the auto-importer.

When you link to the DLL directly, you get seg faults if
you refer to those variables. (I guess I *was* lucky--I
hadn't seen this since I hadn't executed the code making
those references). I had to change my builds to use the
import library in order to eliminate the seg faults when
referring to those variables.

It looks like you can use just GCC, though. Chuck Wilson's
C example in dllhelpers-0.40.0 bears this out, and shows
how to create an import library at the same time without
the need for a .def file (using -Wl,--out-implib and

I'm not sure why those are reported as warnings. Is there
an easy way to disable them?


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