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Re: Sharing a single cygwin installation among multiple clients machines

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 12:03:59AM -0500, Paul McFerrin wrote:
>The first task to accomplish is the boot strapping of the system
>registry to get the proper mounts reflected.  The clients are in a
>catch-22 position of not having a functioning cygwin to be able to use
>the mount command.  It might be a nice feature to write standalone
>program (not using cygwin1.dll) that would read a file to indicate what
>mounts you desire and have it create the registry entries.  But given
>the lack of such a program, you have to manually construct a file to
>contain the new registry entries to be added.

???  If you have mount.exe + cygwin1.dll, you can write mount entries.
The mount command *creates* the registry entries.  setup.exe does
this too but this is a recent thing in the history of cygwin.  You
don't need setup.exe to prime the registry.

>	D:\cygwin\bin on /usr/bin type system (binmode)
>	D:\cygwin\lib on /usr/lib type system (binmode)
>	D:\cygwin on / type system (binmode)
>	c: on /c type user (textmode)
>	d: on /d type user (binmode)
>	e: on /e type user (binmode)
>	H: -> \\server\C$
>	I: -> \\server\D$
>	J: -> \\server\E$
>Now we're ready to begin the initial bootstrap of the client machines. 
>The desired mounts for a particular client with a single hard drive
>might look like this:
>	I:\cygwin\bin on /usr/bin type system (binmode)
>	I:\cygwin\lib on /usr/lib type system (binmode)
>	I:\cygwin on / type system (binmode)
>	C: on /c type system (binmode)
>	H: on /cc type system (binmode)
>	I: on /dd type system (binmode)
>	J: on /ee type system (binmode)
>Remember drive I: is a network drive mounted from \\server\D$ which
>contains the cygwin installation.  The next step is to create a file to
>be used by regedit to install the mount registry entries.  The following
>is the actual file used to create the desired client mounts:

>[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\CYGWIN.DLL setup\b15.0]

None of the CYGWIN.DLL setup stuff is needed.  These are leavings from
an older (pre-b20?) version of cygwin.

>[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2]
>[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/]

I think you're making things way too hard for yourself.

All that you have to do is create a .bat file with the appropriate mount
commands.  Copy cygwin1.dll + mount.exe to the system and run the .bat
command.  If both of those are already there, then you're all set.

You can even use the "mount -m" command to produce the mount commands.
That's why it was invented.

You also don't have to mount the drives on each machine, unless they're
needed for other things:

mount -s '//server/C$' /cc

would work fine.

I REALLY do not endorse mucking arond with the registry as a way to
manipulate the mount table.  There is no guarantee that the registry
format will be permanent.

>[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\mounts v2\/usr/bin]
>Note:  The entries beginning with "[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus
>Solutions\CYGWIN.DLL setup]" are probably not needed as I think they are
>a carry over of the B20 release of cygwin.


>In a few months, I will be repeating my development of CYGWIN on a
>Platter using a more current release of cygwin (probably cygwin DLL
>1.3.6).  It will be based upon ksh and not bash.  I hope to make it
>available in a CD image format.

Ouch.  I can see that you've put a lot of thought and effort into this
but if you are going to be making a distribution based on an older DLL,
consisting of different utilities, please set up some sort of support
channel for it.  Otherwise, we'll be seeing a lot confused people here.

And, I guarantee that just about everyone who is helping to support
people on this mailing list will be pretty unhappy about the

Thanks for the tips on setting up a shared system.


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