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Re: setup.exe

Gareth Pearce wrote:

>> On Sun, Feb 10, 2002 at 06:31:01PM -0800, Michael wrote:
>> >Setup.exe seems to crash and burn rather ungracefully if setup.ini is
>> >missing it's timestamp and version lines at the top.
>> Doctor, doctor!  It hurts when I do this...
>> Luckily that will never be an issue for cygwin setup.
>> cgf
> I assume this is a statement that rolling your own setup.ini for ease of 
> private instalations is not supported.  Even though it seems to be a 
> regually suggested as a thing to do.

Of course it's not supported per se(*) -- but it IS allowed.  Just don't 
do it wrong: Doctor, it hurts when I leave the timestamp and version 
lines out of my setup.ini.  Then make sure your custom HAS 
timestamp and version info.  Sheesh.

(*)Support implies some obligation on our part to make sure that your 
intended use works.  We accept no such obligation -- our obligation is 
to insure that the cygwin dist itself, as propagated on the mirror 
system, works with our cygwin setup tool.  Period.


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