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RE: FW: ksh

> >>That source file is available for viewing at
> >>
> >>
> >>Chris, could you check that the disclaimer is OK?
> This file isn't intended for the Cygwin DLL so my opinion on this
> doesn't really matter.

My original patches were inside the Cygwin DLL, Glenn moved them outside.
Now I'm intending to move some of them inside again. Is it OK given that
special disclaimer?

> Do you want to be the ksh maintainer for the cygwin distribution?

Yes, I'd volunteer for this job.

- the AT&T build system is quite different from the GNU standard autotools,
so I' m not sure about how to post the sources.
- I might become UWIN tainted in two months or so. My job seems to require
obtaining a UWIN source code license. I must not contribute to Cygwin kernel
code then, of course. But maintaining ksh for Cygwin can surely be cleared
up with AT&T. In fact Cygwin is used at AT&T, too.

I'm not tainted yet, just to assure you, I don't want to get into legal
troubles also.


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