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Re: OT: MS Visual C++ Makefiles


this may not nearly be what you are looking for but I went my current
project from Visual Studio C++ to cygwin make some time ago (when it was
smaller).  I exported an nmake makefile from VS and produced my makefile
manually.  This was easy because the project was smaller then.  The nmake
makefile is useful for learning about the compiler and linker flags to be
used.  I think its not that hard to handcraft your makefile from the nmake
template (even for moderately larger projects). 

The one thing that I couldn't solve this way was producing the dependencies.
Luckily I found a Tcl-script called MkDepend which helped me to do it.
Cygwin comes with a tcl-shell so everything was there.  I only had to do
some minor changes to MkDepend to make it behave like I wanted.

If you can use it, please mail me; I will then send it to you.  Beware:  its
terribly slow ;-) (cause of tcl) but it works good enough (at least for me).

If that is not what you need, please ignore me.



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