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Control-C in Windows command line programs

Dear all,

I have encountered the following problem, and I wonder if
anyone has a good solution to it.

I am running a number of programs that are compiled to be
run in the Windows command shell (formerly called DOS
command shell). I am running Windows 2000.

It works fine to run them in cygwin bash as well. The only
problem I have is that control-C does not behave as it

Normally, in the Windows command shell, control-C is
understood and handled by the applications themselves.
But when I run them under cygwin, control-C terminates the

I have tried to install traps, with no success.

I have had this problem with virtually all applications
installed on my computer which run in the windows command
shell: Pine, Hugs, GHCi (the last two are interpreters for a
programming language called Haskell), and sometimes even
OpenSSH for cygwin has the same problem.

I wonder if there is a general solution to this that somehow
traps control-C and leaves my applications running.


Koen Claessen
Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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