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cvs: Terminated with fatal signal 6


I just tried to download the Openoffice sources with cvs running on 
cygwin (1.3.9, everything updatet, all binary mounts) / Windows 2K.

$export CVSROOT=""

$cvs login
... Password: anoncvs

$cvs checkout -r OpenOffice341C OpenOffice
cvs: lock.c:177: lock_name: Assertion `(__extension__ 
(__builtin_constant_p ( strlen (CVSroot_directory)) && 
((__builtin_constant_p (repository) && strlen (repository) < ((size_t) ( 
strlen (CVSroot_directory)))) || (__builtin_constant_p
[stuff deleted]
CVSroot_directory)))); }) : strncmp (repository, CVSroot_directory, 
strlen (CVSroot_directory)))) == 0' failed.
Terminated with fatal signal 6

I write this to the cygwin list, because when I try the commands given
above on a sun solaris machine everything is OK and cvs starts to download.

But I realized that when I mistype the branch on the solaris machine, 
e.g. OpenOffice341c (a small c instead of a capital C) I get a similar 

Is this cygwin related? Can anybody help? My apologies if this is off topic.


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