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Re: Scriptable start.exe

Thanks for that bit of advice about mount points.  I added that to my

This morning I burnt the whole thing to a CDRW, cloned a clean copy of win2k
in vmware, and tried out my install procedure.  It seems to be working just
fine.  So I have any automated install going with a few batch files, perl,
and shell scripts.  It probably would be best to implement the perl script
as a shell script, but I'm more comfortable with perl, which I need for this
project anyhow, so I just did it that way.

I'll package up my scripts and post them in a bit when I have then cleaned
up a little and am sure everything is working.

Joseph Annino Consulting - Perl, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, etc. -

On 2/6/02 12:26 AM, "Michael A Chase" <> wrote:

> If you are going to execute them from your Perl script, you don't need to
> remove the .done.
> Don't forget to add c:\cygwin\bin (or the equivalent) to the system %PATH%.
> You also need to save and restore mount points:
> # Save the mount points
> # (can run under either bash or cmd.exe or
> mount -m > mounts.bat
> REM Restore the mount points
> REM (could also run in bash, but bash would need the mount points)
> mounts

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