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Re: rxvt and text output problems

ftp and friends from NT use direct console I/O functions to manipulate the
screen buffer under NT.  Cygwin has no way to intercept another process's
direct console I/O win32 calls, unless the other process is also a Cygwin

I don't think this'll change anytime soon, because to fix it would require a
lovely RPC filter monitoring csrss.exe activity...

-- Barubary

----- Original Message -----
From: "Axel Kowald" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 1:54 AM
Subject: rxvt and text output problems

> Hello everybody,
> I recently installed cygwin 1.3.6 (including rxvt 2.7.2) on my w2k
> machine. I run tcsh in the rxvt and everything works fine, except that
> rxvt doesn't show all the output of some of command line programs which
> come with w2k.
> Examples are ftp and telnet. If I use winnt/system32/ftp it doesn't
> display "username" and "password" and also the welcome text doesn't
> appear. If I use tcsh (or bash) in a normal dos command window ftp and
> telnet work fine.
> I searched through the recent postings but couldn't find anything
> appropriate.
> Any idea what might be the problem ?
> Many thanks,
>                        Axel
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