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Re: setup-2002-01-27-1.exe clips text

>> Using setup-2002-01-27-1.exe I have noticed that the text in the
>> selection dialog is clipped. i.e. there appear to be ~3 pixels missing
>> from the top of the displayed text on my 1280x1024 display.
>> Haven't seen it reported so I thought I'd mention it.
> I hate to <AOL>Me too!</AOL>, but I'm doing it anyway.  :-)
> This happens when, in the display properties, the font size is set to 
> "Large Fonts".  The result can be seen at .

I wouldn't dare a Me too if it there would be just ~3 pixel missing, but 
in my case half of the selection dialog is missing.
Have a look at:

When I use the up/down scrollbar I get other small fractions of the 
dialog area displayed and other parts vanish.

The system is Windows 98SE on a notebook with rage mobility-m1 
graphicchip. I toyed around with the display properties, but it does not 

I made also a test on a Windows 2000 system. In this case I don't see
any clipping.


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