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RE: /dev/registry

> >
> >
> > How about adding a /dev/registry fhandler to Cygwin? Registry keys would 
> > directories and values in the registry files. I'm willing to try coding 
> > if people think it's a good idea. It allows shell scripts to easily 
> > registry keys as well as programs.
> >
>Well, it looks like I'll be the only one, but this sounds to me like an 
>*BAD* idea.  It seems to me to be hard enough to keep the Windows registry 
>one piece even if you don't dink with it; I shudder to think what horrors 
>sombody with fat fingers and an itchy TAB finger (i.e. me):
>cat HundredsOfMBsOfCrap > 
>I'm trying to think where this would actually be useful, but I'm drawing a
>blank.  It seems to me that the registry should have at least a slightly 
>barrier to entry than the command line.

umm /dev/registry I am assuming you would think would act like a file? - 
people were suggesing /proc/registry - and as far as I could tell it would 
act like a directory - so your 'cat junk' would just fail with invalid 
maybe you meant cat hundredsofmbofjunk > 
which i dont see you manageing no matter how hard you try ...


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